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Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Adam Clark

Adam Clark's love of bicycles goes back to before that moment of bliss when his little feet left the ground and hit the pedals for the first time. He cut his teeth racing on the BMX track in the 80s and graduated to road races and later mountain bike racing. Father of two budding cyclists and long time Madison cyclist, Adam has dedicated over a decade to his career in bicycles. As a Fit specialist Adam has received training and certification from Trek Fit Services (Levels 1, 2 and Aero), The Fit Kit, and BIKEFIT as well as being certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer by ISSA. Adam looks forward to helping you reach your goals, whether they be competing in an IronMan triathlon or just being comfortable and safe on your favorite bicycle.

Adam at Home in the Bike Shop Adam @ Crater Lake



Chad Ward

Chad has spent most of his adult life working in the outdoors leading, teaching and guiding wilderness trips around the country and globe. Whether sea kayaking, mountaineering or biking, his short attention span ensures that he's had a wide variety of experiences. In addition to working professionally on bikes, Chad has worked and trained as a W-EMT, and continues to work teaching wilderness medical courses. He has studied just about every fit theory and has continued to learn and develop since he started fitting cyclists 6 years ago. He sees each fit and customer as being different and enjoys customizing the fit and experience for each rider. Riding your bike should be fun and comfortable - something to look forward to! Chad wants to make sure this is true for every rider and wants to help you be your best when you ride.  


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