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Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Madison WI bicycle rentals

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Image from Bicycling.com - http://www.bicycling.com/news/advocacy/7-madison-wiMadison, Wisconsin has been rated a Top Ten Bicycle-Friendly City by Bicycling Magazine and boasts 43 miles of bike paths, 87 miles of bike lanes, 10 miles of bike curb lanes, and 116 miles of bike routes.  Wisconsin was also a pioneer of the Rails to Trails project opening the first converted railway corridor for recreational use in 1965. Currently Wisconsin has 50+ Rails to Trails totalling over 1,300 miles!  Today Madison sits adjacent to several Rails to Trails including the Southwest Path and Capitol City Trails which cut right through the heart of the city.  We are also famous for our well-maintained Farm to Market roads which blanket the area and are a joy to ride. So, why wouldn't you like to see this beautiful city and surrounding area by bicycle? 




Budget Bicycle Center rents bicycles by the day, week, or month.  Helmets, maps and locks are available at no extra charge.  You will get assistance finding the right bicycle to rent for your individual needs and we are more than happy to help you set up the bike to your liking.  Wondering where to ride, eat or grab a beer?  Local expertise is always free!  We also offer free parking during your rental period subject to availability!


Hybrid Bicycles:

Great around town, easy riding, comfortable bicycles.  Our most popular rental choice for cruising the Madison area.  Bicycles feature neutral to upright seating positions and between 21 and 27 speeds. Please call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street or 930 Regent Street today! Rate is $20.00 per day, $60.00 per week.


Road Bicycles:

Are you looking to rent a speed machine?  These narrow tired, drop handlebarred, full carbon road racing style bicycles are what you're looking for!  Have a preferred pedal system? Bring your own pedals and we will install them on your rental for FREE!  Seat bags are also available for your convenience at no extra charge.  If you have special requests please call ahead of time and we will do our best to accomodate you!  Call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street today!  Rates start at $75.00 per day, $225.00 per week.


Kids Bicycles:

We offer a variety of different size kids bicycles at our 1230 Regent Street location.  16" and 20" wheel bikes are available for  $10.00 per day, $30.00 per week.  24" wheel bicycles are also available for $20.00 per day, $60.00 per week. Please call (608) 251-8413 with any questions.



We offer child pull-behind trailers as well. They have an 80lb. carrying capacity and have lap belts.  We recommend the use of helmets, which will be supplied at no additional cost.  If you intend on using your own bicycle with this trailer, please call us ahead of time to ensure the mounting point for the trailer will work properly and safely with your bike. Please call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street for options.  Rate is $20.00 per day, $60.00 per week.



If your child is ready for a trail-a-bike, we have them as well.  Rider weight limit for the 20" wheeled version is about 65lbs.  Helmets are available and recommended.  Please allow for an additional 10 minutes for our staff to attach the mounting hardware to the seatpost of the bicycle that will pull the trail-a-bike.  Please call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street for options.  Rate is $20.00 per day, $60.00 per week.


Tandem Bicycles:

Looking to cruise on a bicycle built for two?  Budget Bicycle Center rents tandems, as well! Please call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street today!  Rate is $75.00 per day, $225.00 per week.


Old 5 and 10 Speed Bicycles:

We also have old Schwinn and like bicycles available for rent.  You won't be going anywhere too fast but they're totally functional and a deal with rates starting at $10.00 per day, $30.00 per week.  Please call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street today!




Fall in Love with your Rental?

Any amount you have spent renting a bicycle can be transferred toward the final purchase price of that particular bicycle! Please save your receipt and present it (or them) at the time of purchase as we do not keep easily accessible records of past rentals on hand.






We cannot take reservations for bicycle rentals unless it is for a group of 10 or more.  One rental form will be needed for a large group with one person taking full responsibility for all rentals.  For more details on group rentals call (608) 251-8413 or stop by 1230 Regent Street.





Rental Conditions and Terms

  1. All rental fees will be paid in advance.
  2. Customer will leave an acceptable deposit* which will be held by B.B.C. during the rental period and returned to the customer upon return of the rental equipment, subject to any additional charges for overdue rental, damage to equipment, loss of keys, or loss of equipment.
  3. Customer will return rental equipment by the specified due date and time. Overdue rental will incur extra charges at the given rate.
  4. Customer will return rental equipment in good condition, subject to normal wear and use. Customer will be required to pay for repairing or replacing any rental equipment which is returned damaged or broken.**
  5. Customer will pay an additional $8.00 for any locks returned without keys.
  6. Customers will assume liability for any rental equipment which is stolen while in customer's possession.
  7. Customer agrees to operate rental equipment at own risk, and shall not hold Budget Bicycle Center or its employees responsible for any injury or property damage resulting from the rental and/or use of the equipment rented.
  8. Customer acknowledges reciept of a copy of this rental agreement.
  9. Customer must return the rental to the store from which it was rented. Failure to do so may result in addtional charges.

* All rental items and accessories require a paper credit card imprint slip as a security deposit.  No exceptions!  Your credit card number is not processed during your rental period, and your name, address and phone number will not be sold to a mailing list.  Payment of rental fees is up-front, and our staff will be happy to assist you with the rental form.

** There will be a cleaning charge of up to $75 on any bicycle or trailer not returned in clean and serviceable condition. 


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