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Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Some common reasons that people seek out a bike fit are:

People who are new to biking or who are adjusting to a new style of bike (i.e. a former mountain biker now riding a road bike).

People having trouble with getting comfortable on their bike, possibly experiencing pain and/or numbness, or with new or prior injuries that may need special accomodation.

Riders looking to maximize efficiency on their bike. 

What does having a bike fit entail?

-         Most fits take between 60 - 90 minutes

-         Wear your riding gear (shorts, gloves, shoes/cleats) and expect to ride for a good portion of that time

-         We’ll assess riding style, goals, prior injuries, fitness and flexibility

-         We’ll assess, measure and adjust cleats, pedals, seatpost, saddle, stem, handlebars and levers.

-         Our fits are guaranteed! We know it can be hard to tell we resolved the issue or not during the limited time of a fit, so we welcome you to come back for any adjustments and fine tuning. These are usually less than 20 minute visits.

-         Depending on what we encounter, we may also make recommendations for stretching and strengthening exercises. 

-         We’ll make recommendations for other adjustments or parts replacement if needed – additional parts are not included in the price of the fit. While we do our best to work with what our customers bring to us, and our goal is not to sell you something, we may offer suggestions for gear or acessories that wil help you be more comfortable on the bike. 

Interested in scheduling a bicycle fitting with one of our professional fit experts? Please contact us - be sure to include your name, the preferred way you would like to communicate (phone or email) along with a valid phone number or email address, your availability and preferences for a fit, and the reason you are seeking a bicycle fit - if you have injuries or specific areas of pain, please be specific about what those are. 

Please fill out the form below to submit a request for a fitting. Please note that we will do our best to accommodate your needs in a timely manner, but depending on a variety of factors, your appointment may be scheduled several weeks out

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Phone Number:

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Bike Style:

If you know the make and/or model of your bicycle, please tell us:

Please briefly explain what you hope to get from a bike fit
(if you have injuries/specific areas of pain, please be specific):

Do you have any cycling related goals?

Please select the days and times that work best for you
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Anything else you would like to tell us?

Please click here if you have any other questions and we will get back to you usually by the next business day. 


Professional Bike Fitter Bios:

Adam Clarke

Chad Ward

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