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Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Over 5000 Bicycles On Display At Our Regent St. Stores!

Used bicycles for sale in Madison WI

Looking for a used bicycle in Madison?

Finding a reconditioned used bike or bicycle can be a great alternative to buying new.  If you are looking for used bicycles for sale on this site, see our Modern Used Bicycles or Vintage Used Bicycles page

The bicycles listed on this website represent only a fraction of our inventory! Budget Bicycle Center Used stocks 1000’s of used bicycles available in-store only. If you are looking to save some money or just want a classic bicycle stop in our 930 Regent Street store or call us at +1 (608) 251-1663.

Used trek bicycles, used bikes, road bicycles, used bmx bicycles
Used bicycles for sale in Madison WI | Used trek bicycles, used bikes, road bicycles, used bmx bicycles

World's Largest Used Bicycle Store


Budget Bicycle Center's used bicycle store at 930 Regent Street in Madison is the largest used bicycle store in the world. You'll find thousands of used and new closeout bikes, for all ages and abilities. All bicycles (except a hand-full of vintage collectables) are thoroughly reconditioned and guaranteed. All the used bicycles and closeout new bicycles are checked over, test-ridden, and priced by the owner, Roger.

Included with a Used Bicycle Purchase

All bicycles sold are thoroughly tuned up and ready to ride.  Each of them is given a warranty covering all defects of material or workmanship as well as one FREE tune up valued at $100.00!  There is not a limit on when you can take advantage of the free tune-up. When your Budget Bicycle Center bicycle actually needs the free tune-up, whether its been 1 year or 12 years, bring it in to our Service Center with your receipt and we will perform the complete FREE tune-up on it.  Moreover, Budget Bicycle Center is happy to customize the set up and fit of the bicycle with in the warranty period often for no charge.  Handlebar, stem, saddle or pedal swaps are quite common and almost always FREE.  As always, when you purchase your bicycle from Budget Bicycle Center, any parts or accessories you purchase in the future will include FREE installation and/or setup.

Types of Used Bicycles For Sale

Used bicycles for sale in Madison WI


Look for something new

vintage antique bikes bicycles for sale used bikes


Look for something with character

closeout bicycle sale madison wi cheap bikes for sale


Look for something discounted

Free used bikes in Madison wi


Look for something free

Do you have questions regarding finding a used bicycle in Madison? Email Evan at evan@budgetbicyclectr.com
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